Content Policy Language

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Content Policy Language

Advanced Services - TCP Tunnel

Forward to a forwarding host "my_ssh" whatever traffic comes to; useful to allow only a few hosts to be reachable via SSH.

; Installed Policy — compiled at: Sun, 28 Sep 2008 20:19:31 UTC
;     Default proxy policy is ALLOW

; Policy Rules
    condition=__Proxy_192_168_1_220__22 forward("my_ssh") forward.fail_open(no)

; Definitions
define condition __Proxy_192_168_1_220__22
    proxy.port=22 proxy.address=

Configuring the Central Policy File

See sample policy at

;     Default proxy policy is ALLOW

; Policy Rules
<Cache Blue_Coat_Central_Policy>
    //www/ DENY

    DENY url.regex="\.ida\?.{230}"
    DENY url.regex="/system32/cmd\.exe\?|/root\.exe\?|(/readme\.eml$)"
    url.regex="/cgi-bin/video" cache(no) pipeline(no)

Bandwidth Management

Limit news bandwidth (incoming from the server) at 20Kb/s: 

; Installed Policy — compiled at: Mon, 29 Sep 2008 17:18:30 UTC
;     Default proxy policy is ALLOW

; Policy Rules
    category=News/Media limit_bandwidth.server.inbound(News)

; Definitions
define condition RequestURLCategory1
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