About this project

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About this project

  1. Each reference can be imagined as an index-card, which describes a single knowledge item found either in the global Internet or in some locally stored resource. I.e. the reference-service is the same old concept of library catalogue, which describes Web resources instead of books. 

Here is a list of meta-attributes being stored for a single reference: 

Attribute name Property name in RSS Description
url (*) rdf:about Mandatory, single. The most accessible (and most authoritative way) to get the resource.
title (*) dc:title Mandatory, single (=url, if not specified).
alternateUrls Optional, list.
author dc:creator Optional, ordered list.
seeAlso Optional, list. URLs or other reference entries, which are somehow related to the current one.
tags Optional, list. Simple words in ASCII, taken from a limited or unlimited collection.
year Optional, single. When the original resource appeared
source Optional, single. Publisher or other resource aggregation this resource primarily belongs to.
sourceUrl Optional, single. URLs of resource aggregation this reference belongs to.
description Optional, single. Brief abstract of why this resource is interesting for the maker of the reference.

Moreover, the reference maker (XWiki author) and the date, when reference was created is reflected in the XWiki data model (can also add to the table).

See http://www.ante.lv/xwiki-tools/references.html - a Facetted Browse solution implemented using MIT Simile Exhibit

How to use References

  • Add new reference by entering reference technical name in the form. For this name only Latin characters and numbers are allowed. references01.jpg
  • Enter reference URL, title and label. Label is abbreviation which is used in the text to refer to the source document. Save the reference. references02.jpg
  • Go Edit->Inline form to add other parameters to the reference references03.jpg
  • Using "Add property", enter other information. Parameters are described in the table above. references04.jpg

It is important to save each property after adding, it can be done by "Save & continue"


For entering "Topics" (categories by which reference can be sorted) use "|" sign as a separator


  • Completed reference looks like this: references07.jpg
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