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Multiple-choice Tests

How test items are being organized

We believe that test content on certain common-knowledge topics should be open content - so that the test questions can be improved over time, and people can adequately prepare for the tests.

Right now you can see only questions and answer choices (alternatives). Ante.lv developers are currently working on functionality allowing to test your knowledge online, and to see the right answer and analysis.

  1. Cilvēka anatomija un fizioloģija (lv)1. Servlets and JSP (en)1. Javas ievads (lv)1. Kubuntu (lv)1. LinuxAndUnixAdministration (en)1. Analītiskās prasmes un uzmanība (lv)1. XML Fundamentals (en)1. XPathAndXSLT (en)1. SpringFramework (en)

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