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Linux and Unix Administration

Common knowledge about Unix/Linux system administration and power-using

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  1. Installation and Initial Configuration Understand general principles of Linux/Unix system initialization and configuration.
  2. Networking Configure network access and services
  3. Shells and Command-line Utilities Use appropriate commands for common tasks.
  4. File Systems Understand Unix-like file systems (including network file systems), permissions, etc.
  5. System Maintenance Know how to manage users, user groups, rights, perform backup/restore activities, solve common issues and protect your system.
  6. XWindows Understand XWindows architecture, know how to run GUI shell, perform common tasks, know various GUI managers (KDE, Gnome, XFCE).

1. Installation and Initial Configuration

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    What is the default user ID for the most powerful system user?
    1. sysadmin
    2. root
    3. wheel
    4. Administrator

2. Networking

3. Shells and Command-line Utilities

4. File Systems

5. System Maintenance

6. XWindows

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