EJB Overview

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EJB Overview

Overview of EJB technologies. EJB examples (stateless session beans). Deploying those components on OC4J, calling and testing with JUnit.


  1. Create JPA annotations from Data Model
  2. Using JPA with its Toplink implementation. 
  3. Develop session EJBs, use EJB 3.0 container-provided services.
  4. Understand EJB lifecycles, interceptors, declare their dependencies on external resources.
  5. Develop a simple client, which calls a session bean.
  6. Appropriately use stateless or stateful session EJBs.
  7. Understand the behavior of the JMS in OC4J.
  8. Develop message-driven EJBs.
  9. Understand lifecycle of message-driven EJBs; create clients for them.
  10. Wrap EJBs as Web Services


  1. JPA Annotation Reference
  2. TopLink JPA: How to Configure Primary Key Generation
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