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Audience: This course is intended for developers and practicioners, who have had university classes on OO or a few weeks of Java or similar OO language training, if they intend to acquire system integration skills using Java technologies together with Oracle software products, in particular, application server and database server.

Topics of the SOA intro training

Main differences from earlier approaches of this course (i.e. the implementation of late 2007): 

  • Some difficult technologies are replaced by simpler equivalents - instead of JPA/Toplink we cover normal SQL queries on top of JDBC; instead of Maven use Ant; skip some too specific technologies, e.g. ADF and Spring. 
  • JDeveloper is consistently used (instead of switching between Eclipse and JDeveloper).
  • Attendance will be checked in every class and current results reported every week.

The plan has been thoroughly discussed with Aleksandrs Livincovs and Peteris Arajs - they suggested many improvements.

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