Exercise: UML Class Diagram in JDeveloper

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Exercise: UML Class Diagram in JDeveloper

Object Diagram for Multiple-Choice Assignments

Create a diagram like this by JDeveloper UML editor:

ClassDiagramJDeveloper.png Figure: UML Class Diagram in JDeveloper

Each Assignment has an author (i.e. User), it has an ordered list of Questions; each Question consists of its own content (i.e. question stem) and several possible answer options (Alternatives). The "Alternative" has a composite relationship with an Question. Namely, there cannot exist non-attached Alternatives (without their Questions), i.e. the lifecycle of Alternative is dependent on the lifecycle of the Question it belongs to. 

  1. Open JDeveloper, create new application and new project. 
  2. Pick File -> New -> General -> UML -> Class Diagram
  3. Drag the classes and relationships from the right menu into the diagram. Edit properties, if necessary. 
  4. Add a new field 'registered' of type 'Date' to the User entity - to reflect the timestamp, when the user has registered with the system.
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