Web Services

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Web Services

Abstract: JAX-WS implementation on OC4J). Wrapping POJO (plain old Java objects) and EJB session beans as Web services. Development of JAX-WS Web services and running SOAP calls over HTTP/HTTPS/SMTP.

See also: Presentations; Exercises


  1. Describe SOAP and WSDL. 
  2. Use JAX-WS approach to create Web Services in Java
  3. Explain the difference between a synchnronous and asynchronous Web service; perform asynchronous callback actions on client side.
  4. Wrap PL/SQL procedure as a Web Service
  5. Describe the use of UDDI


  1. Building Web Services in JDeveloper 11g 
  2. Developing, Deploying and Managing Web Services in JDev 10
  3. Developing Contract-Driven Web Services in JDev 10
  4. Developing a Web Service from a PL/SQL Package in JDev 10
  5. PL/SQL Sample Code
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