Write an XSLT Transformation

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Write an XSLT Transformation

Public source: http://java-eim.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/java-eim-demo-digester Local source: /home/student/workspace/java-eim-demo-digester Technologies: Java (J2SDK 1.6), Ant and Maven2 build tools, JDeveloper IDE, Xerces and Xalan libraries, Spring Framework Estimated time: 30 minutes

XSLT is used to convert one XML format into another and also to produce various presentation formats - either XML-based or not. In this exercise you will convert some regular-structure XML file into an SQL script and into an image. To make this faster, you will be given working code sample. 



  • Ensure that you have "mvn jetty:run" working. 
  • Open the following URL http://localhost:9080/digester/transform.jsp and submit the form. It should display a simple message. 
  • Modify the XSLT transformation java-eim-demo-digester/src/main/webapp/xslt/module.xsl so that it displays the test questions and the answer variants as well. Since the XML data is very regular, you need to use "xsl:for-each" and "xsl:value-of" mostly. 
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