Web Programming

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Web Programming

Web Programming is a course taught in University of Latvia and (under the title "Java and EIM") also at Institute of Transport and Communications in Riga. Here are some materials related to the course - mostly setup instructions and exercise descriptions. Please feel free to correct typos and add your remarks about the materials, but do not vandalize!

See Environment Setup Guides?. These installation instructions are useful to create an environment for this course on various platforms (Windows XP workstation, Kubuntu Linux Workstation, Linux workstation as a VMWare virtual machine). See the sections, which are relevant to your choices.

Individual Homeworks


  1. Test Digester: How to make a specialized screen-scraper for an XWiki site.
    1. Part 1: Test Digester (RSS Parsing)?
    2. Part 2: Test Digester (HttpDownload)?
    3. Part 3: Test Digester (Item Parsing)?
    4. Part 4: Test Digester (Configuring Spring)? - Wed 2007-11-14
    5. Part 5: Test Digester (JPA)? - Wed 2007-11-14
    6. You can check out the completed JPA code from here - http://java-eim.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/java-eim-demo-testdigester.
  2. Vehicle Management: - a usecase of selling cars proposed by Viktors G.
    1. Vehicle Management? - making an (almost) empty Web project for Tomcat (no Maven, just Tomcat's suggested build-script).
    2. Vehicle - adding Spring Framework? - configuring Spring support
    3. Gentle introduction of JPA?

Special topics

Rich clients and MVC?

Dokumentu vadības sistēmas un AJAX

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