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HW07 - XWiki Export Processing

XWiki can be configured on a Linux Virtual machine. It allows content creation with Wiki markup in various "spaces" (i.e. virtual directories with separately configurable access rights). When Wiki content is exported via "Administration" functionality (to do this, you must be admin for your XWiki), a file with XAR extension is created - it is an archive containing XML documents with markup.

Description of the task

Assume that you have XWiki, where one or more pages is filled with XWiki markup and possibly some HTML (i.e. what typical users would write in XWiki to create documents). The task is to create a tool, which can convert XAR archive into a directory of browseable HTML documents (i.e. their mutual links are correct). 

See an example of exported XWiki data as an attachment to this article. XAR is just a Zip archive with a special directory structure. Each file may contain attachments (e.g. in subdirectory Ads/Accenture contains two attachments, which are images - cf. Accenture). 

Your task is to make an Ant build.xml script (possibly together with some Java or Groovy code), which unzips the XAR file and transforms the files without extensions into normal browsable HTML files. Your code should handle regular attachments (assume that all attachments are binary files) and also modify links so that the site after transformation is browseable. Add a CSS stylesheet to this set of files as well, so that the end-user can conveniently control the look-and-feel of the exported and transformed set of HTML pages. 

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