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HW10 - LilyPond Conversion to PDF/PNG/MIDI

LilyPond is an open format to edit sheet music. There is a software (both on Windows and Linux platforms), which converts LilyPond notation to PNG images, PDF printable documents or MIDI sound files (LilyPond notation has additional functions to define MIDI output). 

Your task is to develop a servlet, which receives input as a LilyPond file (e.g. as a textarea submit with POST method), and converts it into one of the formats of your choice (PDF, PNG or MIDI). You would probably need to make a system call from your Java application (i.e. to call something like "Runtime.exec()"). If the conversion was successful, the servlet should generate the respective file in some preconfigured location (and display success message to the Web client). If conversion was not successful, the STDOUT and STDERR (possibly also logfiles) generated by LilyPond should be sent back to the client to notify him/her about the syntax errors found in the submitted LilyPond data. 


  1. http://lilypond.org/web/ - LilyPond software
  2. http://www.mutopiaproject.org/ - lots of free sheet music annotated with LilyPond (may have older versions of LilyPond, so you need to convert them to your current version before use). 
  3. http://www.webkursi.lv/web2007a/site/info_lilypond.html - LilyPond software and its music notation.
  4. http://www.webkursi.lv/web2007a/site/music/saulgriezi.html - Folk-songs annotated with LilyPond (many small LilyPond samples usable as test data).
  5. http://www.rosegardenmusic.com/ - Rosegarden - free Linux software to create music; also exports results to LilyPond. 
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