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HW15 - XWiki API for RSS

Use XWiki API for some scripting solutions, which would generate custom RSS feeds from the XWiki content.

Existing scripts that create RSS are related to What's New link on the right side panel of a typical XWiki and also to the RSS feeds for individual tags (see RSS Feed for tag "exercise"). You could consider more advanced RSS feeds for the following problems:

  1. Allow the user to enter a combination of tags in a text-field (or write an appropriate URL), and find all documents, which contain ALL of them. Display results as list of links sortable by title, date or author. 
  2. Display in RSS the recently changed pages in one document-space only (e.g. only those documents, which have links that end with "TrainingWebProgramming/*". Along with each link display also the last update's editor comment. 
  3. Display in RSS all the recently registered users
  4. Display in RSS all the recently added user commments in one document-space only. 
  5. Display all pages, which link to the current page (this functionality is widely used in Wikipedia, which is implemented with non-XWiki solution - MediaWiki). 
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