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HW16 - GWT widget to display glossary items

This is a simple exercise to get acquainted with Google Web Toolkit (GWT). GWT contains several widgets, including PopupPanel to create rich user interface on the client-side, which is capable of asynchronous HTTP communication with the server. 

Your task

  1. Develop a GWT demo application, which displays some text (coming from e.g. some static configuration files), where there are terms in the text, which need to be defined from the glossary
  2. Develop a glossary Web Service, which receives one string argument (the glossary term) and returns its definition - it can be either SOAP or REST or any other Web Service. The Web service can work with a hardcoded dictionary (e.g. the sample dictionary can be defined in the Java code or specified in a list of properties). 
  3. Write a GWT-compatible servlet, which uses the glossary web-service and allows the PopupPanel to communicate with it and to receive the definitions of the glossary terms. 


  1. http://code.google.com/webtoolkit/ - Google Web Toolkit homepage
  2. GWT PopupPanel A GWT Widget to display small popup panels. 
  3. See also AJAX Glossary within XWiki
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