How Dysnomia uses MVC architectures

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How Dysnomia uses MVC architectures

What are Data driven User Interfaces

Large-scale layout data is not hard-coded in HTML, but rather represented as RDF data model called "Layout model". Views, Web forms, etc. are created accordingly to some ontology. This may be fairly useful for portals that need to change their layout rapidly (even in response to certain user events). 

One simple case, where this may become useful is advanced data browsing, e.g. "Facetted Browse". Imagine a situation, where you have some navigation widgets (little tools on one side of the browser screen, where you can filter your selection). Further imagine that you need to create new facets in response to certain user events (e.g. user has selected some category that merits more ways of classification). Some existing frameworks for Facetted Browse include - ; MIT Exhibit framework; SWED architecture ( ), PiggyBank. There is code available that runs with Spring See Lab exercise).

 "View reusability" - t.i. kā panākt, lai JSP, Velocity šablonus, utml. priekš dažāda veida datu attēlošanas varētu dinamiski savākt Web aplikācijā - piemēram, izmantojot Maven, kurš līdz šim apstrādāja Transitive Dependencies prieksh JAR failiem. Starp atkalizmantojamām skatu(view) komponentēm varētu būt AJAX utml., ko nav lietderīgi ikreiz programmēt no jauna vai pārāk pielāgot.

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